Big fan of rules!

Or not. Often I want a “this is how you do it” to save myself from doing wrong. I love manuals. They tell me what I need to do to do things right. I am happy to do things right! I like the satisfaction of doing just the right thing! … I think you get it.

But because of this I feel I need a blabla place where there is no need to do things right. And to let things find balance. So for me my “arty party doing” will now be my place for no rules! Ooo, I love Arty Party! <3 

Time to paint 

This blog is going through some changes in a few weeks. So I will take time to focus on visiting the studio and spend some more time with paper and pen. I am an artist and making art is my passion. Maybe blogging isn’t for me? Maybe I should spend my time on other things…  I’ll give it a good thought. And until then  <3 Take care! 

Lilly the chicken.


Making up stories about Lilly the chicken with Mira. Had a great time last summer watching Lilly and her brothes and sisters finding their place in the hen house. Mira helped me name them and she had an amazing storie to tell❤

The human lab-rat.

Why do I do this to myself?

Well if something is so hard to quit, there must be something really good on the other side!

Today, a week after my last cup of coffee I can start to believe that there is something more to life than coffee. Exept for 07.20, 17.00 and 20.00. This is when I just focus on surviving. No surprise, this is my inner coffee clock. This is when I become a Monster.

But I will keep on this journey to find the long lost life of noXcoffee and I will share my discoveries with you❤ By the way…This brain does not work quite right yet.

Have you ever used yourself as a lab-rat? Or what experiment would you like to try on yourself?


I’m a Ninja.

The kids are watching Ninjago and the ninjas are talking about what they have to do to reach their full potential. At the same time I’m sitting att my work desk or as you call it in most homes ‘kitchen table’.

I’m playing around with my Pigment markers doing a little portrait. And as I choose the colours I hear a little voice in my head telling me to not go for the bright shades. And that’s when I realize…

Miss Bullshit is back!

She is telling me to start planning for a good palette of colors befor I start. She also thinks I need to do something else than another face. And not to be so much… Hanna!

She prefers me to be more like other people.

But I know she is my inner Critic so I try to ignore her. My inner Artist is a much better painter than she will ever be. And I’m much better at beeing Hanna than I am at beeing You my dear reader! Even if I think you are a lovely person and I’m sure you have characteristics I would benefit from having!!! But this is the way I was made and with this I will see what I will become!

So maybe that the day I stop listen to Miss Bullshit I will reach my full potential and become a NINJA! or a NINJA ARTIST!!


Miss Bullshit.